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For an institutional round, we typically work with companies to raise $10M to $100M USD.
We also work with companies on smaller raises below $10M, depending on their requirements.

We typically work with companies that have more than $1M in annual revenue or have previously raised more than $10M USD.

There is no cost to create a Deal Preview to gauge investor interest.
You may convert to a live deal when there is more concrete interest or when you would like us to start active investor outreach

Our intelligent and secure investment syndication platform has useful, institutional-grade tools such as virtual data rooms, transaction legal and templates to reduce time and save costs.
Our proprietary smart algorithm system allows companies to reach a wider, deeper, and yet more targeted global investor pool.

We work with strategic venture arms, Venture Capital or family offices, Private Equity Funds, Private Banks, HNWIs, Accredited Investors, and Retail Investors.
we have syndication agreements with various banking partners to access their wealth management clients who are looking for private equity investments.

All investors on our platform are bound by global non-disclosure and confidentiality clauses.

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